What file format should I use when submitting my files for printing?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most common format for submitting files and this is our preferred method for receiving files. However, if you have files in other formats and are not able to create a pdf, we are able to work with most file formats and our design studio will also be happy to help with any file conversion.

Is white considered a printing colour?

Not typically, because white is usually the default colour of the paper and represented by the absence of ink. The process printing colours we use as standard are CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) and most colours with the exception of white can be made up by combining these four colours. However, for certain applications such as printing on coloured paper and particularly in printing clothing we will use white toner or ink. This is applied as an additional or spot colour.

If I want to help the environment should I use recycled paper?

We have many different paper options available and recycled paper is certainly one of them. However, of equal importance in our view is that the paper is sourced from sustainable sources. This is the process of replacing each tree that is harvested with multiple other trees to ensure the long term survival and growth of forests. Thanks to sustainable paper production, European forests grew by 22,545 square miles between 2005 and 2020: that’s an area bigger than Switzerland and amounts to 1,500 football pitches!

What resolution should I save my graphics and photos?

Resolution should be set at 300dpi. Please note that photos and graphics copied from internet web pages are usually very low resolution. We would advise against using these as they will often appear blurry or pixelated when printed, especially if printing in a large format.

Will the colours match those on my computer screen?

It is unlikely they will be an exact match. Computer screens generate colours from a spectrum of RGB (red, blue and green) whereas the printing process uses a spectrum of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to create all colour variants. For this reason the image you see on your screen may look slightly different in colour when printed out. If you want to match certain colours exactly we can offer advise on colour managing your files to get the best possible match when printing.

How Much Will My Printing Project Cost?

We take pride in offering a fantastic affordable service.  The price of your project will depend on the services that you require, the elements used and the number produced.  To enable us to provide you with a quote please give us a call or pop your details into the form below or on the Get A Quote page and we will get back to you.



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