Spot Varnished Business Cards

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#1 Spot Varnished Business Cards

If you are looking for business cards that really stand out, our spot-varnished cards really do add an extra dimension.

What is spot varnishing? It is a process where a layer of varnish is applied to specific areas of the design. It could be a specific image within the design, certain text you want to highlight or your company logo for example. By building up that specific area with varnish it gives a 3-dimensional effect.

There are several benefits to spot-varnished business cards:

  1. Enhanced Visual Appeal: By highlighting specific design elements the card is visually striking. The contrast between glossy and matte surfaces adds depth and sophistication to the card.
  2. Increased Durability: The combination of a laminate and varnish coating adds a protective layer making the card more durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  3. Tactile Experience: The 3D effect of the varnish adds a tactile element to your business card, making it more engaging to touch and handle.
  4. Professional Appearance: The glossy finish of the varnished element of the card gives it a more polished and professional look. It conveys a sense of quality and attention to detail, reflecting positively on the person and business it represents.
  5. Highlight Key Information: Spot varnish can be strategically applied to specific information such as logos, contact details or important messaging.
  6. Brand Differentiation: Using a spot varnish creatively can help a brand differentiate itself from its competitors. A unique and well-designed business card can leave a lasting impression.
  7. Positive First Impression: A visually appealing and professionally designed business card creates a positive first impression. It demonstrates that the person or business values quality and attention to detail.

Overall spot varnished business cards offer a powerful combination of visual appeal, professionalism, and durability, making them an excellent choice for leaving a lasting impression on potential clients and contacts.

Artwork Requirements: If you are designing your business cards yourself the artwork file will need a separate layer with the elements that are to be spot varnished. Label this layer as “Spot Varnish” or a similar name. Ensure that the spot varnish layer aligns perfectly with the elements to be highlighted.

Alternatively, we can do this for you. Just send us your design files and let us know which areas you want to be spot varnished and we will do the rest.

Need help designing your business cards? Our in-house design studio can help create your business card for you. Whether you need a completely new design starting from scratch or need some amendments to an existing design we would be happy to help.

Want to see some samples of our spot-varnished business cards? Just send us an email or use our Contact Us form and let us know where you would like them sent and we will get some samples straight out to you.