Printing vs Embroidery – which is best for your branded workwear?

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In search of the best printing process for your branded workwear? Look no further than this article.

When creating your personalised clothing, you can choose to have your design printed or embroidered. Although it can be a matter of personal choice, you should consider some key factors – such as the type of garment you are looking to personalise, the size and the complexity of your design, and the purpose of your clothing.

What is the difference?

Embroidery is the process of stitching a pattern or logo into the fabric. By using coloured threads, we create 3D images on your garments. This process used to be significantly slower than printing but with modern and highly automated machinery, that is not a problem anymore.

Printing is when we apply the logo using ink, toner or vinyl. There are several types of printing that can be done on fabric. Screen printing is where a stencil is used to apply the ink. Transfer printing can be either a printed transfer or cad-cut vinyl which is then applied to the garment using a heat pressing process. Direct to Garment, which is the newest of the garment decoration technologies where the ink is printed directly onto the garment.

What type of garment are you looking to personalise?

Although most garments can be both printed on or embroidered, each process will have different results depending on the clothing.

Suppose you want to personalise t-shirts or some other lightweight garment, for instance. In that case, you should consider printing as it’ll give the garment a smoother surface, and you won’t feel the weight of the embroidery.

On the other hand, embroidery is the best option if you’re looking to personalise outdoor workwear. This process will ensure a higher resistance to hot washes and more longevity in general. Keep in mind that most garments without a smooth surface (such as fleeces or knitwear) aren’t suitable for printing.

Which one looks better?

It really is down to personal preference.

Embroidery gives your garment a more refined look. We usually suggest this method be used for company logos as it will give your clothing a more professional look, but will only work well with certain designs.

Printing is the best option if your design is very detailed or has gradients (i.e. where there are several shades of the same colour in a design).

Still can’t decide?

We recommend a chat with one of our experts who can help you decide what method to use and give you a quote. You can count on Chelmer Print to not only meet but exceed all your needs and requests. We can supply both printed and embroidered garments and offer impartial advice on the best process to use for your branded workwear.

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