Print Still Have a Place in the Marketing Mix in 2022?

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With the rising popularity of digital technology and the importance of the internet to people’s daily lives, there are those who ask if it is still worth using non-digital means to market products and services.

Print vs Online – The Credibility Gap

Although the internet is a popular news-gathering medium, a lot of the content online is from sources that are not as well trusted as some of their counterparts in print. There is a reassuring quality to being able to hold a newspaper or magazine in your hands, as you know that the publication will have been researched, edited and looked over by a legal team before being published. There is a solidity to it, a realness, a credibility.

By way of contrast, anyone can publish a website and it may not be immediately obvious whose views you are actually consuming. Print publications tend to very clearly label and credit their authors, as being published in print is still seen as being something honourable and worthy of pride.

Print is Versatile and Creative

The sheer number of potential formats for print advertising makes it a game-changer for many businesses. It is still possible to be innovative and catch people’s attention with an unusually shaped flyer or a particularly well-designed business card in a way that online adverts struggle to replicate.

Online ads are background noise to people’s internet experiences, the often annoying intrusion on their leisurely browsing or article reading, whereas print adverts in magazines or newspapers feel far less jarring and don’t interrupt the flow of the user’s reading. They may just catch the reader’s attention if they are well positioned, and it is possible to embed QR codes in the adverts so that a sale can be completed online or a lead harvested for future development.

Print Can Reach Your Target Audiences

Advertising online can give a wide reach and particular segments of users can be targeted but this is also the case with print. It is possible to use consumer data to target the delivery of advertising material to areas where a certain demographic of the population lives. There are areas in most towns and cities where older people predominantly live, or where couples with young families have made their lives. These are just two examples but there are many other ways to break down the consumer data to target printed flyers to specific demographic groups.

Print Reaches Where Digital Can’t

Even now, there are many people who don’t have access to the internet. Many of these people are older and have disposable incomes but have just never been interested in learning how to go online.

This is an advantage when it comes to print advertising, you can reach where the internet and digital advertising cannot. A well-crafted flyer or print advert in a newspaper or magazine can reach a whole demographic that has been left behind by the internet age but still has money to spend, and you won’t be competing with Amazon for their custom.

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