Marketing brochures are among the most versatile tools you can use to inform customers of your products or services. If a brochure isn’t already a part of your marketing armoury then it’s time to find out why it should be one of your front runners hot off the press!

So, what is it about the brochure in particular that makes them so effective within business and the current digital age, I hear you ask?

Well, brochures enable your company to appear professional, reliable, and committed to quality. In essence, it allows you to include all the information relating to your product and/or service, along with any details on prices or special offers you may currently have.

One of the biggest advantages of using professionally printed brochures is that it provides a canvas of which you can showcase all about your brand. Through detailed written content and high quality images, you have the power to highlight what it is you are offering your customer.

With this in mind, choosing the right design, size, colours and fonts are important factors to consider when designing your bespoke business brochure. After all you want it to ooze top quality, stand out from competitors and entice your customer -you can tell a story in a brochure over the course of the layout and end it with the perfect call to action.

At Chelmer Print we are able to offer a wide range of papers, including luxury and special effect papers, as well as first class print finishing to make your brochure stand out. We can offer gloss, matt or soft-touch lamination or if you want to go one step further and really make your brochure stand out we can offer high build spot varnishing to add a high quality feel to match the visual appearance.

Another advantage of using the humble but effective brochure, is that it can tailor to many different types of business industries -including yours!

For example, brochures can be extremely popular with the industries of fashion, automotive, hospitality and home improvements, to name just a few. These four industries are able to promote effectively and use images to tell the story of a great product and/or service.

Companies within these sectors can strategically place brochures in a wide variety of locations, sharing these with many clients and business contacts can enable you to be seen and in the hands of a potential sale.

This approach allows these businesses to relay positive and accurate information to more people and attract new customers. It’s also a good idea to place brochures in promotional giveaways you send through the mail or on tables in your office.

Furthermore, Brochures compared with some online marketing options are a low-cost marketing plan. At Chelmer Print, we can work with you to design and produce eye-catching and informative brochures that fit your budget.

If you want to find out more information on how printed brochures can help your business, or if you would like us to send you some samples -contact Chelmer Print today on 01245 790785 or 020 7183 1475or email create business brochures that are designed to last! We have some great examples of high quality brochures that we would be happy to send out to you.