Creating flyers to support the bees

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When we talk about helping the environment in a print context, most people would think about using environmentally friendly paper, and making sure printed materials are successfully recycled, but at Chelmer Printers we have been creating flyers to help support the bees.

One of our clients – Stansted based Gardener’s Beehive – came to us to help promote their amazing new product – a beehive which can be used by anyone who has a garden, and we were intrigued to say the least.

The idea is that you don’t need beekeeping skills, you just set up the bee habitat in your garden, and follow the guidelines. Bees will naturally flock to your new bee habitat and set up home there by themselves.


Bespoke promotional leaflets

We developed some bespoke promotional leaflets to help spread the word about this fantastically creative way to try to support the bee population, with minimum fuss on the part of the gardener. It means anyone can encourage bees into their garden, to help the dwindling bee population.

With no need to feed or tend the bees, this great bee habitat mimics a natural tree trunk, and with a little help from a natural bee attractor product, they will come flying in and settle into their new habitat.

Our client’s work with beekeeping started on his grandfather’s farm in Africa, when he was about 10 years old and helped his uncle and grandfather tending their bees. Upon arrival in the UK almost 20 years ago, he became aware of the problem with the current bee population and decided to do something about it.


Creating the Gardener’s Beehive

Kevin set about creating the Gardener’s Beehive so that anyone can help encourage bees to come into their garden, and after several variations on the product and various fine-tuned versions, it was finally produced for sale.

He said: “I grew up looking after bees as a child in Africa so have always been around them. But it was only when I came to the UK back in 2000 that I was made aware of the dwindling bee population and the problems which bees were facing worldwide.

“I wanted to use my experience to do something about that and to try to help more people encourage bees into their gardens. I realised straight away that not everyone is comfortable around bees, or wants to be a beekeeper, but they still want to help. That’s how the Gardener’s Beehive was created.”

The first batch of flyers were a response to a request for promotional material from Hugh Fearnley-Whitttingstall’s River Cottage and now Kevin is promoting his beehives across the country. He approached us here at Chelmer Printers to help him promote the beehives further, using bespoke flyers.

Our design focused on a traditional honeycomb graphic in the background, with a clear call to action including phone number and web address to get in touch if you want to buy your own bee habitat from them.

The flyers can be given out to customers, used at events, inserted into newspapers or posted through people’s letterboxes so Kevin can now spread the word about his innovative garden beehives far and wide, quickly and easily.

If you have a business like Kevin’s why not talk to us about all of the ways in which print products could help promote your work to a broader audience and support your sales.

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