The Game-Changing Benefits of Presentation Folders

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The Game-Changing Benefits of Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are like wrapping paper for the ideas you’re about to share.

They won’t be opened until the right moment so the outside has to catch the eye and peak interest right away.

Any business owner will tell you that first impressions count and nothing looks worse than scrambling around with loose documents and paperclips when you’re trying to get on the front foot in a business pitch, meeting, or a training session.

Handing over a beautifully designed presentation folder with your company logo front and centre and business card neatly tucked inside can help you send the right message from the get-go.

Let’s first take a look at presentation folders, including the options available to you through Chelmer Print, and then dive into why we think they’re worth their weight in gold.

Glued Presentation Folder

What are presentation folders?

Presentation folders, sometimes referred to as ‘pocket folders’ help to organise important papers and documents together. They offer far more than only a functional use, with endless opportunities to increase brand awareness and build positive relationships with clients.

At Chelmer Print, we offer high-resolution presentation folders in A4 or A5 as standard with a range of lamination options including gloss, matt, anti-bacterial or soft-touch.

What are the benefits of using presentation folders?

  • Professionalism

Attention to detail speaks volumes. Handing over a quality printed presentation folder says ‘Hey, we mean business’ without saying anything out loud.

  • Brand visibility

Make your brand impossible to miss by using presentation folders. Our in-house design team is here to help turn your brand vision into a reality.

  • Organisation and convenience

No more digging around in bags for crumpled-up materials. Presentation folders keep all your documents neatly tucked in one place, ready to be produced at a moment’s notice.

  • Customisation options

From size to lamination and embellishment, get creative and tailor your presentation folders to meet the needs of your business.

  • Freshen up your marketing

Worrying about dated marketing materials can become a thing of the past with presentation folders. You can switch out new materials whenever it’s needed.

  • Durability

Presentation folders are stylish but they’re also tough cookies, keeping your documents safe and sound and avoiding costly replacements of materials.

Presentation Folders

When should I be using a presentation folder?

If you’re looking to professionally store documents, present information clearly and project the right image for your brand, presentation folders could be highly beneficial for your business.

Here are just three real-life examples of how you can use presentation folders to make the best first impression for your business:

  1. Presentation folders for welcome packs

Picture this. Your guests are approaching the reception, excited for a weekend of quality time with their families. What if you provided an equal level of quality, there and then?

Whether it’s a map of the property, restaurant menus, or activity schedules, everything included in a custom-designed presentation folder serves to make your guests feel valued and have everything they need in the palm of their hand.

They’re much more likely to hang onto the contents too (and observe the advice) if it’s all in one place!

  1. Presentation folders for staff training

When employees are starting a new job or working through a new training programme, the learning process can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s where presentation folders come in.

According to, the number one learning style in the UK is ‘visual’ – meaning people who absorb information through sight. Providing handouts can be an effective means of tapping into this learning style and helping staff to thrive.

  1. Presentation folders for meetings

Picture yourself walking into a meeting room, armed with sleek, professionally designed presentation folders. Not a paperclip in sight. You have commanded the attention of the room, conveying a sense of professionalism and preparedness.

Our presentation folders are specifically designed to keep your materials neatly together with pockets and compartments for everything from handouts to business cards – streamlining the follow-up process too.

Let your presentation folders set the stage for a successful interaction so you can focus on nailing the pitch.

Get Sample Presentation Folders

Backed up by our friendly in-house design team, we offer a wide range of high-quality print services in the UK to help promote your business, including professionally printed presentation folders.

But, you know what they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Get in touch now to take the first step towards making a lasting impression with sample presentation folders delivered straight to your door.